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Iron rusts from disuse; stagnant water loses its purity, and in cold weather becomes frozen; even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind..
Leonardo daVinci

Schiller Institute East Coast Youth Chorus at 2004
Labor Day Conference

LYM Organizers rediscover how the
Catenary was used to build Brunelleschi’s Dome

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Video Archive: Schiller Institute Events Over the Years (Amateur Drama, Poetry and Music)

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Read About Gauss's Fundamental Theorem of Algebra, Leibniz, Plato, Poisson's Spot, and More!
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2001- present

Fidelio Front Covers 1991-1996

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It is Through Beauty, That One Proceeds to Freedom:

Dare to be Wise!”
Educate yourself; read these articles from Fidelio Magazine
and other Publications of the LaRouche Movement:

History: Fighting Financial Fascism: The Inspiring Example of King Henry IV of France and Sully

Poetry: Heinrich Heine and the Politics of Romanticism

History: Two Speeches on the Occasion of the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address

Motivführung in Beethoven   (5 videos with Norbert Brainin) (a.k.a. Violinist Norbert Brainin Demonstrates the Principle Of Motivic Thorough Composition, Slovakia, Summer 1995)

With Hieronymus Bosch, On the Track of the Sublime

Copley’s Portrait of Samuel Adams

Italy's 150th Anniversary: Citizens Sing Va Pensiero March 2011

Houston Grand Opera Presents “Lucia di Lammermoor”

YIDDISH RENAISSANCE: Such is Life! A Dialogue on Loneliness and Immortality

Harley Schlanger in Berlin: Prometheus and Immortality

Lorenzo Da Ponte: Mozart’s ‘American’ Librettist

Mozart’s 250th Birthday

On the Necessity of the LaRouche Youth Movement

LaRouche Youth Movement Panel on Shakespeare’s ‘Julius Caesar’

The Classical Curriculum of Wilhelm von Humboldt

Through The Years,” Musical Drama by Civil Rights Heroine Amelia Boynton Robinson

The Painter Hieronymus Bosch: Was He a Pornographer or a Moralist?

Lyndon LaRouche Commentary, 50 years after “Brown vs. Bd. of Education”

Frederick Douglass - Breaking Through to Freedom

LaRouche on Erosthothenes, Maui’s Voyage, and The Principle of Discovery Today (1999)

The Relevance of Schiller's Aesthetics for Today's Education (1999)

The Power of Great Poetry To Shape Character and Build the Nation: Dante, Humboldt, and Helen Keller

LaRouche Dialogue at Lebedev Institute (6/29/01)

A Renaissance in Classical Education - A Symposium (2/7/98)

Dialogue With Poland's Educators and Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. (6/8/01)

The Tragedy of U.S. Education "Shrunken Heads" (4/20/01)

Original Translations of PLATO

"The Emperor's New Clothes:" a Short Story by Hans Christian Andersen


From the larouche basement team: The Extended Sensorium: Overview February 2011

  1. Synesthesia: Beyond the Five Senses—Oyang Teng
  2. Helen Keller: Mind over Instrumentation—Meghan Rouillard
  3. Following the Beat of a Different Drummer—Peter Martinson
  4. Polarization Sensitivity: a Strong and Weak Sense—Meghan Rouillard
  5. What is Circularly Polarized Light?—Jason Ross
  6. Insects and Infrared—Oyang Teng
  7. Magnetoreception—Benjamin Deniston
  8. Unheard Melodies: Electric and Magnetic Senses in Humans—Sky  Shields
  9. The Sounds of a Cosmic Chorus—Aaron Halevy

Keplerian Economics 1/27/02 Dialogue by Jonathan Tennenbaum

The Science of Kepler and Fermat

"The Woman On Mars" LaRouche Discusses How a 40-year Mission to Colonize Mars Would Transform the USA-

© Stuart K. Lewis

Washington, D.C. Children's Chorus welcomes the St. Thomas Boys choir.


Image of the American Patriot (series)

Charles Willson Peale, America's First Official State Portrait, And the Institution of the Presidency

Robert Burns and the Ideas of the American Revolution

Copley’s Portrait of Samuel Adams

200th Birthday of George Caleb Bingham, American Artist of the American System

Spain’s Carlos III and the American Revolution (PDF) (Fidelio, Spring 2004)

Leibniz, Halle, and The American Revolution

The Development of American Machine Tools

Benjamin Franklin and Friends Lay Basis for Manned Flight

President Garfield and the Pythagorean Theorem

Emma Azalia Hackley, 1867-1922 African-American Singer and Social Activist

Paul Laurence Dunbar: The Struggle for an American Classical Renaissance

Remembering President William McKinley- 100 Years Later

Jean Sylvain Bailly: The French Revolution's Benjamin Franklin

How GW Leibniz's the Natural Law Concept Inspired the Founding Fathers

Mozart and The American Revolutionary Upsurge

The Lincoln Revolution

The African-American Spiritual: Beauty, Not Force, Will Change America

Lyndon H. LaRouche Dialogues and Speeches

"Continue the American Revolution"


Schiller Monuments

Video Archive: Schiller Institute Events Over the Years (Amateur Drama, Poetry and Music)

The Danish Help to Schiller (PDF) by Tom Gillesburg, January 2009

Schiller's Essays and Poems in English Translation

Biography of Friedrich Schiller, Poet of Freedom

Writings of Other Great Thinkers Leibniz, Mendelssohn, Pushkin, Heine, Plato and Others

Lessons of Wallenstein- Let's Put Out the Flames of the 30 Years War (2005)

Friedrich Schiller in America

Books and Video on Schiller

Poetry and Agape - Reflections on Schiller and Goethe

Founding Conference Keynote - (also see Conferences Page)

Verdi and Schiller

The Military Genius of Jeanne D'Arc

The Sublime (2003)

What Schiller Can Teach Today's World Leaders (2001)

Schiller's Relevance Today

Motivic Thorough Composition in Schiller's Poetry

How Brahms and Schiller Instruct Us in Today's Civilizational Crisis

Pushkin and Schiller

The Importance of Friedrich Schiller  (Cadre School Presentation)

Politics As Art by Lyndon LaRouche (See other works by LaRouche in Fidelio Magazine)

About SHAKESPEARE, POE, and other English language writers

Shakespeare and Metaphor by Michelle Rasmussen April 2012

Keats' Great Odes and the Sublime by Daniel Leach

Robert Beltran, Classical Actor, Discusses Shakespeare and Odets' Drama

"The 'History Plays:' Use Shakespeare to Fight the Jacobin Mobs"

FIDELIO Article: William Shakespeare and Thomas More: The Conscience of Kings

Harley Schlanger and Robert Beltran at Schiller Institute Conference, Labor Day 2001

FIDELIO: An Evening in the 'Simultaneity of Eternity' with Shakespeare, Keats, and William Warfield, from the Fall 2001 Fidelio Magazine

FIDELIO: John Keats Vs.The Enlightenment, from the Fall 1996 Fidelio Magazine

Edgar Allen Poe

The Purloined Life of Edgar Allen Poe

Short Story- The Purloined Letter


The American Roots of Germany’s Industrial Revolution

The U.S. Debt to Haiti, and the intervention Toussaint L'Ouverture

José Rizal and the Challenge Of Philippines Independence

Salvador Araneta

Sun Yat Sen: In Defense of Nationalism, the Republic, and the American System of Political Economy

Other Important  Pages:

New Violence and Brainwashing:

How the Counterculture Ushered in Fascism

"Nintendo Killers" and New Violence

Lyndon LaRouche E-mail: Violent Video Games and The Killing of Civilization'

Classical Music and Culture:

Poetry: Heinrich Heine and the Politics of Romanticism

Revolution in Music

National Conservatory of Music Movement

More Music Articles

Video Archive: Schiller Institute Events Over the Years (Amateur Drama, Poetry and Music)




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International Relations:

Dialogue of Cultures

Strategic Method and Studies

Who Opposes These Ideas?

Youth Movement Education:

Audio and mp3 Classes from the LaRouche Youth Movement

Video Archive: Schiller Institute Events Over the Years (Amateur Drama, Poetry and Music)

Read Plato!

"As Plato illustrates the proof of this, in his Meno, all human individuals have the developable cognitive potential to generate validated discoveries of universal physical principle. From that vantage-point, all human beings are equal in respect to their inborn nature, and all groups of human beings, from every society, share, as a group, that developable potential in virtually equal degree. The essential function of education, and of the conditions of family and community life in which education occurs, is to develop precisely that cognitive potential to the highest possible degree, in every possible young individual.

No lower form of life has this potential; that is the essential difference between man and beast. Beasts can learn, but only human beings can know; education which teaches children to learn to pass tests, to acquire habits needed for a specific form of employment, is education designed for beasts. Such forms of education, or of family relations, will tend to bestialize the students, and produce corresponding rations of bestialized adults. Unless your children are enjoying a Classical humanist form of education, they are being cheated; they are being bestialized, at least relatively so, that in the name of education.

It is important to emphasize, once more, that the result of accepting mere learning as a substitute for knowing, is not far from the condition of being a slave. At the very best, mere learning is a kind of obedience-training, as at a school for dogs, which produces an individual prone to many of the characteristics of behavior of a slave, the characteristics of a class of virtual human cattle.."

The Sophist

Parmenides (Link to Word document on site)


Geometry and Science Workshops With Children at
Schiller Institute Summer Program


Kepler's  Revolutionary Discoveries

The most crippling error in mathematics and physical science today, is the hysterical refusal to acknowledge the work of Johannes Kepler, Pierre Fermat, and Gottfied Leibniz-- NOT Newton- in developing the calculus.

This video, accessible to the layman, uses animated graphics to teach Kepler's principles of plantetary motion, without resorting to mathematical formalism.

Click here to order this VIDEOTAPE
directly from the EIR store

(or call 1-703-297-8368):
EIRVI-2001-12 (
1.5 hours) --$50

Adapted from a presentation by Bruce Director, at the February, 2001
Schiller Institute Conference.


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