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LaRouche PAC Releases NAWAPA XXI Special Report:
Reviving the Economy, Creating Jobs,
and Restoring Public Credit

May 2012

April 14, 2012—The Lyndon LaRouche Political Action Committee has just released a 100-page economic special report: NAWAPA XXI, a 21st-century advancement of the continental water management project, the North American Water and Power Alliance. The Special Report contains a detailed plan designed to employ well over 4 million people in productive labor and manufacturing. The program is also designed to re-establish water, food, and power security for the North American continent. NAWAPA XXI will generate 42 gigawatts of surplus power for the United States and Canada, and supplement the existing water flows of the four major river basins in the U.S. Southwest while potentially doubling the amount of irrigated farmland in the southwestern United States from 22 million acres presently to approximately 41 million acres.

Additionally, nearly half of the NAWAPA XXI report is dedicated to a proposal to fund NAWAPA through the restoration of the historic U.S. system of public credit. This proposal begins by separating valid debts from gambling debts under a new Glass-Steagall act, and continues stepwise to the establishment of a National Bank and the funding of NAWAPA XXI. The national policy precedents are then illustrated in detail, discussing Alexander Hamilton's establishment of the first National Bank, John Quincy Adams system of U.S. internal improvements, Abraham Lincoln's Greenback policy, and the most recent precedent for a sound system of public credit, Franklin D. Roosevelt's RFC and TVA.

Michael Kirsch

According to the principal author, Michael Kirsch, the project itself not only encompasses continental resource management, power generation, and water transfer routes, but is integral to national sovereignty. "Because we look at a national credit system approach," Kirsch said on April 7, "we are looking at the nation's interest, and therefore the government's interest, in making such projects feasible due to this long-term credit institution."

The first edition run of NAWAPA XXI is the result of 2 years of investigation and planning by LaRouchePAC researchers, in collaboration with a team of experts in the fields of nuclear science, agriculture, transportation, engineering, project planning, and geology. According to the LaRouchePAC research team, the March 2012 first edition will soon be followed by a second edition based on the input provided by professionals reached during the just-commenced phase of intensive outreach by LaRouche PAC and associates.

Dave Christie.

Currently there are 10,000 print copies of NAWAPA XXI (first edition) being distributed across the United States. Dave Christie, LaRouche PAC-endorsed congressional candidate in Washingtons 9th District, noted that there is a significant, positive change in outlook among unions, engineers and other experts, compared to 2010 when the NAWAPA Overview was initially released. Christie noted,

"With our original NAWAPA outreach, a lot of the unions and professionals were tricked, the stimulus had them tricked. Now they have seen how terrible Obama is, that the stimulus was a hoax, and they're upset. The country is falling apart and they are more susceptible to big ideas."

LaRouche PAC and associates have been holding extensive meetings with unions, industry experts, government officials, as well as contacting congressional candidates with the full implications of the NAWAPA XXI platform. Kirsch insists that making NAWAPA XXI a reality means that leaders in government as well as in industry, technology, and science must commit themselves now, to define the upcoming 2012 election with this patriotic, national mission. Invoking the spirit of John F. Kennedy, to whom the report is dedicated, Kirsch states that the theme of NAWAPA XXI is the unity of the nation. "It's every state," said Kirsch. "It's a union of states. Every increase in productivity in one place is an increase in another. NAWAPA XXI increases the power of the nation as a whole."

This report is available from LaRouche PAC.