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LPAC Presents the Darien Gap Project:
The Last Hurdle to the LaRouches'
Global Eurasian Land-Bridge Program

October 2010

With the release of the latest LPAC NAWAPA video, LaRouche PAC has completed a video series which presents the total, global concept of the Eurasian Land-Bridge, the worldwide development program first outlined by Lyndon and Helga LaRouche back in 1989, at the time the Soviet Union collapsed. The development plan has now been sketched out so as to connect every major area of the world but Australia—from the Americas, through Eurasia, to Africa—and to thus launch the world into a new platform of productivity and progress.

"Taming the Darien Gap" is the name of the latest video product, which was released yesterday. The "gap" is a swampy region on the border between Panama and Colombia, which has for decades been considered impassable by modern transportation, and thus serves as an allegedly permanent barrier between North and South America. Solutions to transportation, water, and power problems on the highest technological level, for both Central and South America, are thereby ruled impossible, by "authorities" such as the international financial institutions and environmentalist organizations.

The LPAC video traces the history of this anti-development outlook to the time of the McKinley assassination, and the takeover of the U.S. by the British imperial outlook. It then outlines various ways by which the 62 mile gap could be filled, and become part of a South America-wide network of rail and water corridors, that will upgrade the entire continent to a new cultural and technological platform.

The 23 minute video, available at, is supplemented by a 25 minute discussion with video narrator Meghan Rouillard.

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