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EIR Ottawa Conference

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Strategic Importance
of the Eurasian Land-Bridge:
Canada and the Coming Eurasian World

Prompted by the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the strategic threat posed by such great instability, Lyndon LaRouche and the Schiller Institute proposed, in 1989, an economic reconstruction plan for Europe, known as The Productive Triangle: Paris-Berlin-Vienna, and in 1991 a proposal for the development of all Eurasia, which came to be known as The Eurasian Land-bridge. These proposals were discussed and elaborated at many conferences and seminars throughout the world.

Now, after many years of ceaseless toil, this grand project for the coherent development of the world economy is becoming a reality. Governments throughout Asia and South America are throwing off the yoke of British System, or neo-liberal economics, and returning to the American System of political-economy, a system best typified by the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The desire on the part of these nations to acquire nuclear power, now referred to as the nuclear renaissance, and to construct modern rail and infrastructure systems, is typical of this new direction in global affairs. At the same time, however, as these promising changes are taking place, the world is wavering on the precipice of a chain-reaction collapse of the global financial system in combination with the threat of generalized warfare spreading throughout Eurasia.

This crisis is most evident in the U.S. sub-prime mortgage fiasco, but in fact it is the breakdown of the system as a whole which has created the sub-prime crisis; it is the looting of the physical economy of the planet (in terms of both agricultural and industrial production as well as infrastructure) by a rapacious monetary system of usury, which is now the dominant factor in global politics.

The United States is, in fact, bankrupt. Only by adopting emergency measures, as outlined by Lyndon LaRouche in his recent policy paper, The State of Our Union: The End of Our Delusion, that the United States, and by extension the rest of the world, can avoid a descent into a worldwide catastrophe. Central to LaRouches program is the requirement that a reformed USA bring together a new alliance of great powers, the USA, Russia, China and India, to establish the framework of a new international monetary system. On this basis, and with the collaboration of other willing nations, a collapse of the US dollar could be prevented and a new fixed exchange-rate system established, which is the first step toward ensuring the long range physical economic growth the world so desperately needs.

It is in this context that Canada will play a crucial role, as a rising continental power, in shaping the next fifty years, and already great opportunities are presenting themselves. For example, leading circles in Russia have proposed that Canada and the United States participate with them in constructing the Bering Strait Tunnel, while the Russian government has allocated as much as $1 trillion USD for infrastructure over the next 12 years. The construction of nuclear power facilities around the world will place great demands upon Canadas nuclear power industry, and our expertise in machine-tooling, engineering and mining will be in high demand as well.

The world is entering a new era, in which nations are beginning to recognize that all must work for the common aims of mankind. Humanity can no longer tolerate a system of such massive injustice as currently dominates; no longer can humanity permit itself to be ruled by a tiny barbarous elite. Thus, it is time for Canada to assume a role of leadership in the world, in a world free of pre-emptive warfare and colonialism of any kind. As history teaches, every great revolution, every rebirth of civilization and culture, begins with ideas, and with dialogue. Thus the necessity for this conference, which will include speakers from Eurasia as well as North America, who will address the themes outlined above.

R.S.V.P. by Wednesday, December 5.

To register please call Mr. Robert Ainsworth at 514-855-0907, or 514-561-8210.

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