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Infrastructure Development Projects
Around the World

MAPS  of Development Projects:

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Worlwide Rail Network
Bering Straits Bridge-Tunnel

Railways- 1990 and  Projected
Other Projects (Main Page with text)

Detail Map of Projects
Oasis Plan ( main page)

Three Gorges Dam (text)
China and Far East - National Railways and Bohai Strait Project
Tumen Development Region
Central Asia Projects
South Asia and Kra Canal
South West Asia

Rhine -Main -Danube Canal
Bosnia Rail Proposal

Have you looked at the unemployment figures recently?

Imagine a project in the USA, in cooperation with governments and industrial firms around the world, to create billions of new, productive, good paying jobs.

Imagine the grandchildren of those in their 20's today, being able to have breakfast on a mag-lev train starting at the tip of South America, to enjoy lunch in the US, and dinner over the Bering Straits? A choice of the Northern, Central, or Southern Routes through Eurasia will enable the traveller to reach the tip of Africa, going south on either coast of that continent, and arrive at the tip of Southern Africa-- all by LAND ROUTES!!

Main lines of a worldwide rail network,
as sketched by H.A. Cooper

As sovereign nations cooperate in this great project, the traveller will be riding through Infrastructure Development Corridors. As developed by economist and statesman Lyndon H. LaRouche, these corridors, of about 50 km on each side of the main trunk line, are areas in which new cities, and centers of culture, education and industry will be developing and flourishing.

This is no "pie in the sky." The technology has existed for a quarter century. America developed and tested the Mag-Lev back at the Colorado test track in the 1970's, and then dumped it-- because of "budgetary considerations!!" Germany has just delivered, in August 2001, the supplies for China to begin its construction of this transportation system.

What is needed is the political leadership to implement this. Implementing this kind of policy may be the only alternative to World War III, and the "Clash of Civilizations" now being pushed by the likes of Samuel Huntingdon, Henry Kissinger and Zbignew Brezinski. Many nations are coming to recognize that the only basis for Peace among soverign states, is through this kind of economic development and cooperation.



Projected Rail Network (Main Lines)

Detail Map-- African Railways: in 1990

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Peace Through Economic Development

Middle East Projects- Detail Map:

Nuclear Powered Desalination Plants

New Canals

New Railways

Southwest Asia Rail Routes and Nuclear Energy Projects

Infrastructure Development in Europe
along the Landbridge Route

Construction of this proposed Bosnia-Hercegovina Railroad Network is important for reconstruction of the Balkans region.

Rhine -Main -Danube Canal


Existing and Proposed Rail, Energy, and Water Management Projects

Rail Lines


National Railways and Bohai Strait

Tumen Region
Russia, Japan, South and North Korea, China

South and South East Asia

Water and Rail Projects
Kra Canal