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Butch Valdes: The Special Role of the Philippines

[This transcript in PDF format, from EIR]

Butch Valdes, leader of the Philippine LaRouche Society, sent this greeting to the San Francisco Schiller Institute conference.

We here in the Philippines take inspiration from the words of Mr. Lyndon LaRouche, as he has on several occasions told us, via our radio program, that our country, the Philippines, has a very special role, in trying to save civilization. Just as we have been, over the past so many centuries, the gateway of Western thought moving towards the Eastern part of the world, we, today, have that special role: to share with the rest of the world’s population from this part of the world, the ideas which are needed to be assimilated, the ideas that are needed to be implemented, in order for us to save civilization from this present, ongoing collapse of the financial system, and threatening a situation that we all are very scared of, that is, World War III.

Our history with the United States goes back all the way to the 1900s, or even before—but specifically the 1900s, when the U.S. had bought us from Spain, after Spain colonized us for close to 400 years, and a new era for the Philippines started. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave us new hope in implementing many of the things that he had done for the United States. He paid particular attention to the Philippines, because we were, at that time, the only colony that needed to be given independence by the U.S., through the promise that he had made to the rest of the world.

After granting us independence, the sorry thing that had happened was, Roosevelt died. But not without starting certain infrastructural development programs, initiated by the very same people who may have started the Tennessee Valley Authority, putting the Philippines on a foundation which would allow us the opportunity to develop as well.

The role of the United States, as a leader nation, since 300 years ago, has not stopped. It has become even more significant and necessary at the present time. We call on the members of the international LaRouche movement; we call on the citizens of the United States of America; and we call on the leaders of the United States of America, to do everything that it takes to implement, to reinstitute the Glass-Steagall law, as a primary and necessary step towards saving not just America, not just the Philippines, but the rest of the world.

This has been your legacy since 1776, and this should be your legacy from this time on.