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Schiller Institute Conference

A New Paradigm To Save Mankind

After Thirty Years:
The Need for the Principle of the SDI Today!

Sterling, Virginia
March 23, 2013

Program in PDF format

Press Release

Presentations and Dialogue (Q and A)

Greetings to the Conference


This SDI-SDE conference is the third in a series of international conferences sponsored by the Schiller Institute to change international policy and thinking. Human civilization is currently threatened by the most dire crisis in modern history: an ongoing disintegration of the world economic system, leading into a threatened thermonuclear confrontation, and deepened by cultural degeneration. A shift to a new paradigm is the only way forward. This paradigm shift must address the axioms underlying today’s catastrophic policies, and must be as fundamental as that axiomatic shift which moved European civilization out of the Middle Ages into modern times, with all its breakthroughs in natural science and Classical artistic composition. Visit for video presentations and to engage in dialogue with the speakers.

Transcripts of the conference proceedings will be linked from this page as they become available. Audios will also be linked from the audios page, and videos from the Conferences Website,

Conference Program and Links

Musical Introduction

Ludwig van Beethoven: Sonata for Violoncello and Piano Opus 102, No. 1
Jean-Sébastien Tremblay, violoncello
My-Hoa Steger, piano

Panel I: From the SDI to the SDE

The Strategic Defense of Earth: How To Overcome the Planetary Dangers, from Thermonuclear War to Threats from Outer Space
          AUDIO (entire panel)

* Introduction: The Definition of the Common Aims of Mankind

    Helga Zepp LaRouche, Founder of the international Schiller Institute
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT

* The History of the SDI and its Implications for Today
    Jeffrey Steinberg, Counterintelligence Editor, EIR
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT

* Remarks
    Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr. Intellectual Author of the SDI, Economist and Statesman
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT

* The Current Status of US Missile Defense and International Cooperation
    Frank Cevasco, Cevasco LLC, Office of Sec. of Def. 1979-1990
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT
Kevin Zondervan is an aerospace engineer at a major aero-space company and authorized by MDA to present public domain information on the Ballistic Missile Defense System to this conference
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT
    Ben Deniston, LaRouche Basement Team
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT

* The Lessons of the Reagan Era for Today's Challenges
    Bruce Fein, Constitutional lawyer, former Associate Deputy Attorney General under President Reagan
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT

    Introduced and Translated by Rachel Douglas

            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT

* Discussion
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT


Panel II: Glass-Steagall or Hyperinflation


How To Stop the Hyperinflationary Blowout of the Transatlantic Financial System through Glass-Steagall, a Hamiltonian Credit System, and NAWAPA
          AUDIO (entire panel)

*U.S. Representative Walter Jones's Address
    Walter Jones, U.S. Rep. for the 3rd District of North Carolina, Republican
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT

* LaRouche’s Program to Stop the Breakdown Crisis
    Dennis Small, Ibero-American Editor, EIR
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT

* The Nationwide Fight to Implement Glass-Steagall

    Rep. Thomas Jackson of Alabama, Chairman of Alabama House Democratic Caucus
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT
    James Benham, President, Indiana Farmers Union
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT


* The Hamiltonian Credit System as an Integral Part of the American Constitutional System
    Michael Kirsch, LaRouche Political Action Committee
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT


* Winning the War for Restoring the American Credit System

    Paul Gallagher, Economics Editor, EIR
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT

* Discussion
            AUDIO     VIDEO     TRANSCRIPT


Concert Program in PDF format includes lyrics and translations!

I. Johann Sebastian Bach: Magnificat in D, BWV 243
          AUDIO      VIDEO
Schiller Institute Chorus and Orchestra
Jennifer Kreingold, director
Michelle Fuchs, soprano
Meghan Rouillard, Nancy Guice, alto
Jessica Tremblay, Malene Robinson, mezzo-soprano
John Sigerson, tenor
Frank Mathis, baritone

II. Johann Sebastian Bach: Motet Jesu, meine Freude, BWV 227
           AUDIO      VIDEO
Schiller Institute Chamber Choir, John Sigerson, director

III. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: String Quartet No. 19 in C Major "Dissonance" K. 465
           AUDIO      VIDEO
Nancy Shavin and My-Hoa Steger, violin
David Shavin, viola
Jean-Sébastien Tremblay, violoncello

English Translation of the Magnificat
English Translation of the Jesu, meine Freude


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