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Schiller Institute Conference:

The Eurasian Land-Bridge
Becomes A Reality!

September 15-16, 2007

Kiedrich, Germany


Conference Program and
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Summary of the Conference Proceedings

Resolution Against Military Action Against Iran

The Kiedrich Resolution:
Adopt the Landbridge Policy

Bering Strait Tunnel

Report from the LaRouche Youth Movement

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Conference Program and Links

Saturday, Sept. 15, 2007

Keynote Panel



Opening Remarks (Transcript)
Helga Zepp-LaRouche

Founder and Chairwoman, International Schiller Institute
(Download MP3 audio)

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Economist and Statesman
"This Present World Financial Crisis" (Transcript)
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Lunch break

LaRouche Youth Movement
Johann Sebastian Bach, "Jesu, meine Freude"
(See the text, translation, and related material; audio file coming soon)


Panel I

Russia - Eurasia's Keystone Nation

Prof. Stanislav Menshikov
Economist, Russian Academy of Sciences
"Industrial Policy and Political Climate in Russia for the Land Bridge Project"
(Download MP3 audio)

Dr. Victor Razbegin
Deputy Chairman of the Council for the Study of Productive Forces (SOPS) of the Russian Federation Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Russian Academy of Sciences
"The Eurasia - North America Multimodal Intercontinental Connection:
Key Link in the World Transport System"

(Download Power Point slide show)
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Dr. Sergei Cherkasov and Academician Dmitri Rundqvist
Vernadsky State Geological Museum, Russian Academy of Sciences
"Infrastructure Corridors in Russia - Pros and Cons: A Raw Materials Approach"
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Yuri Krupnov
Director of the Institute for Demography, Migration and Regional Development,
Presented by: Ilnur Batyrshin, World Development Network Youth Chapter, Kazan, Russia
"Svobodny Cosmodrome: Potential Space Industry Cluster and Development Corridor
in Russia's Amur Region"

(Download Power Point slide show)
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Download MP3 audio of all the Russian panelist's presentations and the discussion

Dinner break


Panel II

Projects for the Eurasian Land-Bridge

Hal Cooper
Consulting engineer, Cooper Engineering
"The Worldwide Strategic Importance of the Intercontinental Rail Corridor Connections
between the Eurasian and North American Land-Bridges"

(Download MP3 audio)

Dr. Markku Heiskanen
Senior Fellow at the Nordic Institute for Asian Studies, former Deputy Director of Planning of the Foreign Ministry of Finland
"Scandinavia and the Eurasian Land-Bridge"

Dr. Nino Galloni
Economist, Italy
"The Sicily-Tunisia Tunnel and the Extension of the Eurasian Land-Bridge into Africa"

Dialogue on Eurasian Land-Bridge Projects



Sunday, Sept. 16, 2007

Keynote Panel II


LaRouche Youth Movement
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, "Ave verum corpus"
(See the text, translation, and related material; audio file coming soon)

Keynote II

Helga Zepp-LaRouche
Founder and Chairwoman, International Schiller Institute
"The New Cultural Renaissance in the Coming Age of Reason" (Transcript)
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Panel III

Technologies to Reconstruct the World

Prof. Pirouz Moitahed-Zadeh
Dept. of Political Geography, Tehran University, and chairman, Urozevic Foundation, London
The U.S. Neo-Cons and Iran's Nuclear Energy
(Download MP3 audio)

Dr. Steven Dean
Fusion Power Associates
"Fusion Power"
(Download MP3 audio)

Prof. Ahmed Kedidi
Doha University, Qatar
Lyndon LaRouche and The Muslim World
(Download MP3 audio in French, not translated)

Dr. Holger Beckmann
Ruhr-Universität Bochum
"Automated Underground Goods Transportation: A Transportation Technology Scenario for the Future"

Pierre Chiquet
founder of the space centers of Betrigny, Toulouse and the rocket launching platform of Kourou
"Great Projects and High Technology:
Rediscovering the Voluntarism of the Postwar reconstruction Period"

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Lunch break


Panel IV

Rebuilding Civilization

Amelia Boynton Robinson
Vice Chairwoman, Schiller Institute, US Civil Rights Heroine
"Civil Rights for all People of the Planet"
(Download MP3 audio)

Jacques Cheminade
Statesman and political leader of Solidarité et Progrès, France
"Beyond the Eurasian Land-Bridge: The Cultural Paradigm of the Millenium to Come"
(Download MP3 audio)

LaRouche Youth Movement
International Strategy To Build a Bridge to the Future

Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
Closing Remarks
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Photo Album


The LaRouche Youth Movement Report

Towards a New Eurasian LYM
Oyang Teng
LaRouche Youth Movement

Discussion Papers

Maglev: Transport Mode for the 21st Century  (from EIR, PDF format)

The Bering Strait Megaproject: Political and Economic Aspects
(in Russian, EIR) by Prof. Stanislav Menshikov

PBMR: Clean, Safe, And Affordable Energy by Tom Ferreira

Nuclear Energy for Transportation: Electricity, Hydrogen, and Liquid Fuels (from EIR, PDF format)
by Masao Hori

Medical Isotopes In the 21st Century by Robert E. Schenter, Ph.D.