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Dialogue from the
Africa Civil Rights Movement Conference:
December 1997

Don't Peddle Harvard Racism

Dennis Speed

Question: "In addition to all of these things, we must be willing to lay our lives on the line, and to face the fact that if we have to deal with Executive Outcomes [a British private ``security'' consortium], perhaps we need a group of mercenaries.... We need to put a stop to the atrocities that are perpetrated against us by the Ku Klux Klan, and the like. And, until we are willing to do this, no one is going to respect us, and we may have to die....

I think I'll have to get into this, and do some oral surgery. Let's first of all ``speak German,'' as they say: You're not going to organize any mercenary army, because you didn't do it, when, in the 1960s, you had the Black Panther Party, or the Republic of New Africa; because those organizations--or units of them--were, either in whole or in part, police agents. Nobody wants to face the fact that the problem is, that many, many, many black people in America live in a fantasy state....

Harvard designs these kinds of ideas. This is where racism comes from. It's the Harvard racist that I'm hearing. ``Cognitive'' versus ``affective'' intelligence--that's what they call it. Black people {feel,} and white people {think}. That's what they write about at Harvard. It's what they call eugenics. That's what {The Bell Curve} is all about. And, if you buy into that, you {are} your oppressor. You are worse than the British, because you are their agents of influence, without even knowing that you work for them. You are so bad, that you don't even know how to collect a paycheck from them.

We just sat up here, and tried to tell you all about the Eurasian Land-Bridge.... You want to know the solution? We {gave} you the solution. We put it in front of you. And, you didn't have the guts to look at it.

``What are you gonna do for me?'' you ask. I've got news for you. We're not going to do {anything} for you, because nothing {should} be done for you. Because if you don't understand that you are in the same boat with everybody else in this world, and that the only thing that matters in the situation right now, is whether all of us are going to go down, then you are not morally fit to survive, and you {will} not. Your culture will go the same way that European civilization is about to go.

You are correct about racism. That is ruining things. That's true. But you are {not} correct about your victimization. You are {false} about your victimization. Your victimization is coming from {your} mind, your sitting here and saying, ``What are you going to do for me?'' It is the {slave} who is the enemy in slavery. To attack slavery, you must attack the slave mentality.... We're not going to have that in the African Civil Rights Movement, because we are fighting a war.

Let me tell you something about a war. Yeah, it's bad what happened in Rwanda. It's awful. It's terrible. It's terrifying.... But we also know, that if you don't have a way to change the American policy on Africa, you've got {nothing}!

You want to know what to do right away? Well, do you have the guts to talk with several African-American legislators about the Sudan question?... Do you have the guts to organize it, so that they will oppose the sanctions on Sudan? Do you know what that could do to them? Do you know what you are telling them to do? You're telling them to lose their seat. Are you ready to make sure that they {don't} lose it? You have your forces ready? No! And, to propose such a risk, without preparation, is irresponsible. It is either the work of an {agent}, or a {fool}. If you are going to fight a war against {this}, and you intend to survive it, then you'd better make sure that you know what you are talking about, and who you're talking to.

In the United States, this country of some 250 to 300 million people, is comprised of a citizenry which doesn't vote, doesn't care to vote, can't read a map, and has very, very little interest in anything, except what swings, or doesn't swing, between their legs. That's where you are. Don't give me a big fantasy about black people and Africa, and the great things they're going to do. They're going to do {nothing} about Africa. They, like most Americans, don't even know where it is. They don't even know that it's not a country....

No, I'll tell you what you can do. You can decide to take on the whole thing, or take on {nothing}! You can decide to take on the fact that we need a new monetary system, or nothing. And, if you say that you are doing anything else, I'll tell you what you are doing. You spit in the eye, and spit on the corpse of every African that is dying, right now, as we speak. {You} do. {You} spit on them.... What we are here to tell you, is this: If you have the {guts} to win, you {can} win. But you have to have the guts to put the army together around the {ideas} that will win.

Forget blackness. It's not going to win, and it shouldn't win. Forget the idea of yellow people, and white people, and all this other stuff. You pollute the floor with that. Don't you dare come in here and try to give us a lecture about that kind of thing. You speak for British intelligence when you say those things.

Don't tell us about America. America doesn't have any intelligence services. Their intelligence services were set up by the British--and that whole organization is still in place today. That's why we talk about it. That's who put LaRouche in jail. That's who runs this country.... You talk about who's exploiting Africa, but look up the corporations. They are all British.... We intend to destroy that faction, in our country, of American citizens, that is holding whole sections of the world hostage to stupidity, and hunger, and poverty, and disease. But, if you make the mistake of saying, that they [in the form of the government] are the dominant cause of the problem, then let me explain to you what you are doing. You are going to re-create the problem. Because you don't get the fact, that the way that this country is run, is culturally. And the culture is not from here. The culture is country and western music; it is rock music; it is free sex, and all of this stuff is run by the British, by Bertrand Russell and H.G. Wells, and their friends like George Bush. That's how intelligence is organized--{Sir} George Bush. He's a British knight.

We're trying to tell you who the enemy is. If you say to me, ``I don't care who killed John F. Kennedy, because he's a white man,'' you don't know what kind of fool you are. Because those are the same people that put crack cocaine in the ghetto every day. Those are the same people that are killing {you.} And if you come to us in the hope that, on some kind of ``black solidarity'' basis, we're going to put something together, you're in the wrong place. Don't even {think} about it. Don't even ``go there.''

Yes, we need immediate action. What we can do is this: You have to get representatives of the population together, and you have to get the state legislators, many of whom are better than the Congress--you put these people together, and the way that you start the war is simple. You go in--to the UN or Congress--and, you're real nice. You say, ``We can't figure something out. You're telling us, that we are supposed to have sanctions against Sudan, because they're terrorists, but you can't name the terrorists. But when the President of Egypt tells you, that the British have the terrorists, and he names them, you can't put sanctions on London!? We can't understand that. What's the deal?'' And that's how you do it. ``We think maybe you're doing this to Sudan because it's a black country.''

That's not really why--the real reason is, that they want to stop the Nile projects, the development projects. They don't want Sudan to be sovereign. But they also hate them because they're black. So, take advantage of the fact that the man is a racist. Back up the President of Egypt on his charges against the British, and you can {win} on Sudan.

That's how you have to fight. You don't have to have a gun; you don't need mercenaries going anywhere to kill anybody. What you need is some brains! Use your brain power, and you can succeed.

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